Monday, December 13, 2010

Surviving our First Winter

It's hard to believe it is already the middle of December.  We had lots of snow the week around Thanksgiving and nothing since!  Temperatures are supposed to drop again this week but in the meantime, the weather is staying mild with highs in the 50s.


Betty White and Rambo are spending more time outside with the nicer weather.  Occasionally we have to pursuade Betty to go out by feeding her outside, but once she gets out there, she and Rambo have fun exploring the property.  A few days ago I witnessed Rambo catching a mole (which he brought back into the house, ALIVE) and yesterday, Brian saw Betty playing with a mouse.  They are adapting well to their new country life.

Maia and Weekend have run out of apple tree leaves to eat and have now taken to chewing on the tree trunks.  We are now feeding them two types of hay and minerals to supplement for the lack of vegitation in winter. They had their hooves trimmed for the first time and did very well (Arthur puts up more of a fight when he gets his nails cut!)

Bea and Gretel were supposed to get spayed today, but Gretel has been under the weather and the operation has been postponsed for a few weeks.  Gretel spent her first night away from home at the vets office last week and was put on antibiotics.  She looks better every day and we are getting prepared for the stress of having our huge puppies with stitches (that need to be kept clean!) in their bellies.

Even though this winter has been a fairly easy one so far, I think we are all looking forward to the longer days of spring and summer!

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  1. Hi Jenn, Neil McCann here. Enjoy your write-ups (need more of them) and the pictures. Your last post you were wishing that summer would arrive ... well I've got news for you, its not even Winter yet.

    Maybe one day Dawn & I will travel your way and would love to see you, perhaps on our way to Arizona to escape the winters here in Alberta.

    Take care and have a Happy Holiday Season.