Saturday, February 12, 2011

We Made It!

For months Brian and I anxiously anticipated the spaying of our huge puppies. I am pleased to report that the girls are fully recovered and are happily back outside.  They have resumed their nocturnal ways, barking at night to protect the goats and our property.  They still very much enjoy when we go to visit them. 

The goats are also happy these days, not so much because of the girls' return to the outdoors but because things are starting to turn green.  Maia and Weekend defintely enjoy the larger variety in their diet.

The animals have recently displayed a few new behaviors that keep us laughing.  Gretel has developed the habit of walking the inside perimeter of the dog run, in the small space between the dog house and the fence.  This is characteristic of the Great Pyrenees protective instinct.  Bea tried to do the same once but because she is bigger than Gret, she got stuck and it took some force to get her out! 

The goats spend a lot of their time on the roof of the A-Frame.  They look like tight-rope walkers with their incredible balancing abilities.  We are hoping to build them a bigger playground this summer.

February has brought many beautiful, sunny days and although it's still chilly, it is starting to feel a bit like spring!

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