Monday, March 28, 2011

Nearly Spring

  The last few weeks have been filled with rain, mud, and more rain.  With few breaks long enough to dry up the ponds forming in our animal enclosure, the mud pit has grown, binging with it a suction-type quality, a bit like quick sand.  Brian unfortunately learned this the hard way.  He backed the truck into the enclosure one day to do some clean-up and spent most of the day digging the truck out of the mud. 

The goats and dogs have coped with the mud in their own ways.  The dogs run and play as usual and are a filthy, muddy mess.  The goats do their best to stay clean, spending much of their time climbing to higher ground.

Brian has turned his energy back to the outside, making improvements to the soggy pasture and preparing for the changes that come with spring.  We are anticipating an exciting addition to our animal family: stay tuned to discover who this new member will be!

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