Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Big White Dogs

We got Gretel and Beatrice from a Great Pyrenees breeder near Astoria, Oregon when they were three months old. They are sisters, from a litter of eleven puppies. Great Pyrnees are bred to be livestock guard dogs (LGDs). We bought Gretel and Bea to protect our goats from predators. In our area, the dogs primarily fend off coyotes.

Gret is far more shy and also really enjoys being around the goats. Although she is has always been a bit bigger than Bea, she is also the first one to run at the sight of the wheelbarrow!

Bea is more mischevious and sociable. She loves to have her tummy rubbed. She is also the one who patrols the fence perimeter at night and barks at all the critters who wander our property.

Because our dogs spend all their time outside, and because they are pure white, they get pretty filthy! They enjoy playing in the mud and are occasionally seen to roll in goat poo.

Even as they get bigger and become more like working dogs, they still retain their sweet, lovable qualities. Just make sure to wash your hands after you pet them!!

Eventually they will protect our entire herd of goats. They currently weigh about 65lbs but will probably be close to 100lbs when full grown.

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