Sunday, October 31, 2010

Walking Our Goat Dogs

After a couple nights of work and a quick trip to the Bay Area to celebrate the wedding of our friends Jayne and Drew, I was ready to blow off some steam this morning. What better thing to do than take our goats and dogs for a walk in the pasture?

As soon as Brian opened the gate to the pasture, Bea and Gret took off running. They ran as fast as they could. Straight for the hole in the neighbors fence and onto his property. He owns 20 acres of pasture right behind our house. Being the adolescent pups that they are, Bea Bea and Gretel continued to run and run with absolute no regard to our calls.

Now, this would have been a fairly simple situation had we not decided to bring the goats on the walk with us. As soon as Brian would take off running to get the dogs, the goats would follow him. We struggled for a few minutes, got really far onto our neighbors property, our voices hoarse with yelling and finally, the goats decide to stick with me and Brian ran top speed to retrieve our naughty dogs.

When Brian successfully got Bea and Grets attention, they all started running back towards me, the goats and the house. But they were not alone. Pepper! The wild neighbor dog was with them, so excited to finally have some playmates (she usually runs around with a wiener dog, much to our neighbor's dismay). And when Pepper sees the goats, she has never been happier in her life. She has dreamed about chasing them from the other side of the fence for months now.

Brian continues to run back towards the house, animals in tow, when our neighbors comes up on his ATV. We chat for a minute and he laughs, "You're goats follow you around just like dogs. They are goat dogs!" He yelled at Pepper for chasing the goats, and she jumps on the back of his quad and take off.

We all made it safely back to the house, soaking wet and exhausted. Another small successful adventure at the farm.

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