Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Girls in the Garage

We have been dreading this week for a long time.  Since the day we brought our white polar bear puppies home, we knew that we needed to have them spayed (although the temptation to breed them and have more white polar bear puppies did cross our minds...).  We also knew that it would be a challenge to keep our filthy and active outdoor puppies clean while their incisions healed after surgery.

Brian came up with the ingenious idea of turning our garage into something resembling a horse stall.  He fenced it off and added lots and lots of hay.

We are currently on post-operative day number three.  According to the vets' instructions, the girls are supposed to be kept inside and quiet for two weeks.  TWO WEEKS!!!  After only two days, the girls are sprinting around the backyard when let out to pee and wrestle ferociously with each other when locked inside. 

The good thing is that they do not seem to be in any pain and their sutures are still clean and intact.  Although it is already getting difficult to get them back into the garage and they have started to attempt to dig their way out (which will hopefully not result in major damage), these long couple of weeks will be bearable as long as both girls stay healthy and (mostly) happy.

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