Friday, January 21, 2011

Poor Bea

A quick update on how things are progressing here:

Bad Bea couldn't help but lick her stitches until they were infected.  We opted not to put cones on both dogs from the beginning because they didn't seem to be interested in licking.  That decision really backfired when yesterday we noticed the flaming red skin next to Bea's incision.  She bought herself a week of antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and a really ridiculous looking cone.  It has been nice to spend so much time with the dogs since it is so easy to visit them in the garage.  They would really love to come inside and hang out with Arthur.

Speaking of Arthur, he and Betty White are becoming better friends by the day.  Arthur continues to spend his time snuggling with anything warm.  His two new favorite items are his snuggie and an electric blanket.

Rambo has become more elusive as Arthur has developed a habit of chasing him all around the yard.  And we have recently met a rabid looking racoon that looks like its been attacked by something.  Amazing the critters that come out as soon as the dogs are out of sight.

In sadder news, the baby calf I wrote about last week has not been seen again.  I like to think he has gone to a better place.  He has gone to greener pastures.

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