Sunday, April 24, 2011

And We Wait.

According to the breeder that was Wendy's former owner, she was due to give birth between April 14th and April 23rd.  Today is April 24th and we still have not seen any kids!

There are many indications of pending partuition in goats but the signs vary widely between does.  Common behaviors include becoming vocal and "talking" to their bellies, pawing at the ground to make a nest for birth, stretching, yawning, becoming more or less affectionate toward the goatkeeper and frequently lying down and getting up in an attempt to get comfortable.

Wendy couldn't keep up with all the
weeds in the backyard. Brian helped
her out with the lawnmower today.

Last night I couldn't help but suddenly think that Wendy was exibiting a multitude of behaviors that suggested she was beginning to go into labor.  Suddenly she was yawning and stretching and scratching at her sides like she was uncomfortable.  I was convinced I was seeing a change in behavior.

Brian, who had been keeping watch while I was at work during the week, just shook his head in disagreement.  "Jen" he said, "she looks exactly like she has every single day this week."  Refusing to believe him, I stayed up until the wee hours of the morning hoping for the miracle to arrive.  It never did.

I have to admit my feelings of frustration were intense when I woke up early this morning and she remained unchanged.  The only difference we have noticed is a slight softening of her pelvic ligaments which is supposed to occur within 24 hours of delivery. The problem is that we noticed the change 36 hours ago!  So we  wait.

Despite my frustrations with the waiting process, I am thankful that she seems to be doing well otherwise.  She eats lots of alfalfa and grain everyday.  She also drinks plenty of water and enjoys browsing in the backyard.

I am also thankful that the rest of our animals are doing very well.  We still have lots of rain showers but now usually with internittent sunshine. The dogs and little goats are happy to spend some dry time outside.  Yesterday we did hoof trimming and grooming with the little goats and brushing and nail clipping with the dogs.  All of the animals are shedding so much.  Bea's hair is literally coming out in handfulls!   Brian has been busy picking the hairballs off the ground.  If he doesn't get to them first the little goats will eat the hair.  Maia has recently discovered my  hair as a yummy treat and gives it a good pull at every opportunity. 



Although the temperature is still dropping to the 30Fs at night, it is slowly starting to feel more and more like spring.  I had almost forgotten how beautiful the sunsets are from our backyard.

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