Monday, April 18, 2011

No Kids Yet!

The days roll on and the rain continues.  The more rain we get, the deeper the mud gets and the dirtier the animals become.  Even Betty White is a muddy brown mess.  It is really hard not to get discouraged with the bad weather, especially when the ten day forecast is for rain, rain and more rain!  The only sign of the changing seasons are the blossoms that appeared almost overnight on the pear trees.

For some reason, our neighbors' cows have decided that the very best place to graze in the morning is in our back pasture.  We have a very large hole in our fence (which they no doubt created years ago) that they wander through so they can eat our grass and leave large and soggy cow patties everywhere.  In attempt to preserve the grass and cleanliness of our property, Brian spends his mornings chasing the cows back through the fence.  Yesterday he snapped some photos as he ran them out. 

One of the neighbors cows recently had a calf that had been rejected by its mother.  So every morning, our neighbor has been driving out on his ATV and bottle feeding the calf.  The other morning, the calf got stuck on the opposite side of the fence from the rest of the herd.  Brian went to help it get reconnected with the others and the calf immediately ran up to him.  It was pretty cute.  It is amazing to see the difference in friendliness between bottle fed verses dam reared animals.
Wendy is doing well and has not started to show any signs of impending labor.  She has been eating lots of grain and alfalfa and enjoys browsing in the backyard.  She is still curious about the other animals and tried to make friends with both cats the other day.  It was a little more than shy Rambo could handle.
Her favorite spot in our makeshift barn is on top of a hay bale where she can look out at the dogs and little goats.  She now sleeps in the stall that Brian made in anticipation of the kids.

Hopefully my next blog entry will be to announce the arrival of a couple of healthy kids!!

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