Monday, April 25, 2011


It finally happened!  Last night Wendy started to be a bit more vocal and it continued through to this morning.  I left the house for the first time in two days to go to a dentist appointment.  When I was done having my teeth polished, my phone rang.  It was Brian, "Come home, Jen.  She's definitely in labor!"

After only an hour of pushing, Wendy gave birth to a sweet little girl!  She was calm through her heavy labor until the last few pushes when a big healthy kid fell out of the birth canal (she really did fall onto the floor - Wendy pushed her out standing up!)


The whole experience was pretty exciting!  I had studied numerous books, websites and journals and was standing by, ready to intervene if necessary.  I have to admit I am now a bit in love with the kidding process and know I will look forward to it every year!

Brian was a bit more traumatized by the whole affair and was incredibly relieved when it was over.  We are both happy that the waiting is over and that sweet little Daffodil is big and healthy.

She is just about the same size as Arthur but skinnier.  We haven't weighed her yet but think she is probably 8 - 10lbs.  Wendy licked her clean for the longest time, close to two  hours!

In all the commotion of the day, we nearly forgot that it is Arthur's 7th birthday!  He got a special birthday treat and spent the afternoon running around with it in his mouth.
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Amazing how quickly baby goats learn how to walk. 

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