Sunday, April 10, 2011

Wendy Settles In

Wendy has now been living with us for six days.  For the first few days, we kept her primarily in our carport barn.  Brian bought lots of hay to provide a warm, draft free space during this weeks' rain, hail and snow.

It is great to have Wendy so close to the house, especially because there is a window that opens from the basement to the carport.  We can pass grain and water through the window and can check on her without going outside.  She also likes to look into the window for Brian and Betty White.

For the last few days, we have let Wendy out in the backyard, first on a lead and then free range, to browse on the grass.  The dogs and little goats watched Wendy as she emerged from the carport barn.  At first everyone was excited.  The little goats were so excited that they started headbutting each other.

As the week has progressed, the goats and dogs have become more accustomed to each other.  Yesterday, Brian and I decided it was time to introduce the little goats to Wendy.  We let them in the backyard together to browse. 

The goats mostly ignored each other, although the little ones ran away from Wendy when she sniffed and inspected them.  No signs of hostility yet and we are hopeful that after the kids arrive all the goats will continue to peacefully co-exist!

Wendy also had a visit from Arthur.  For some reason, he was not threatened by her and was especially happy to eat her droppings.  Yucky little Arfie loves to eat goat poop!

We have nearly finished compiling our goat birthing supply kit (which includes handy things like iodine, shoulder length gloves, and scissors to cut the umbilical cord) and have been reading all of our books on kidding.  Only four days until her due date!!


  1. Jenn, this sounds so exciting!! Good luck!

  2. Can't wait to come up and see your place (and the goats!) in person... love that you're a goat farmer! ~Vera