Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bea's House

When Brian drove to Astoria to pick up the puppies, the breeder told him to bring a large carrier and to prepare for the dogs to get carsick on the drive down. Sure enough, Bea and Gretel threw up on eachother the entire seven hour drive home. Later, the girls used the house to hide during their first thunderstorm. After that it was Bea who we most frequently found sitting in the house. She would often kick Gretel out. So we called it Bea's house.

Yesterday Brian decided to move Bea's house across the pasture to see if the animals would like it better. Sure enough, within minutes, the goats were both inside the house. A minute later Bea joined them. I couldn't believe two goats and a 70lb dog would fit in that little house! It was pretty fun to watch. We are hoping to add a picnic bench next to their playground (goats love to climb!)

I am pleased to report that we finally have a mouser! Last night we found a dead mouse right in front of Rambo! This morning when I went to open the back door, both cats ran out and have been on the prowl ever since. They are finally getting used to our house and de-stressed from their lives in the shelter. Makes me pretty happy.

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