Saturday, November 20, 2010

It's Cold Outside!

Since fixing the fence earlier in the week we have not had any more escape attempts. The girls have been behaving so well that I decided to take them for a walk this morning before breakfast. They ran like crazy in the back pasture and then took a minute to walk the perimeter (typical behavior of the breed who instinctually guard their property). A few minutes later, Gretel decided she was hungry and ran back up to the fence, wanting to go back in for breakfast. It was a good morning.

The weather has been getting colder every day. There is snow on the mountains around our house and the animals' water freezes in the morning. The water in the hose froze the other morning as well which was rather inconvenient. The goats and dogs seem to be tolerating the weather well, staying snuggled in the A-frame at night.

Arthur is doing just fine with the transition to winter, staying snuggled up inside the house.

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