Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Feels like Winter!

The last few days have been fairly quiet. Brian has been home due to problems in the candy kitchen at work. We have been able to take the dogs for walks in the pasture. In light of our previous experience, we now leave the goats behind at the house. The girls have been behaving well except for a minor run-in that Gretel had with one of the neighbor's cows. She tried to chase it but it ran straight at her. She took off in the other direction with her tail between her legs, traumatized.

The coyotes were out and howling again last night. From our balcony I watched Bea and Gretel both bark ferociously. Bea stood up on her hind legs, her head now high above the top of the fence. She wanted to get to those coyotes so badly. Great Pyrenees are known to jump fences. Thankfully Bea isn't quite bold enough for that yet, but we may be needed some five or six foot fencing in the future!

It rained most of yesterday, with high winds and temperatures down to the 20's overnight. No snow this morning but the feel of winter is certainly in the air! The dogs fur was wet from rain and was stiff with cold last night. I worried they would be cold but all four animals snuggled together in the A-frame and all four seemed fine this morning. Hopefully it will keep them warm as the temperatures continue to drop!

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