Monday, November 8, 2010

Our First Weekend Away

Brian and I went to Portland for a quick trip this weekend. It was the first time that both of us had been gone for a whole weekend. We left our house and animals in the care of a co-worker. Although we completely trust her housesitting abilities, we worried about the animals the whole time we were gone!

Thankfully, all animals were accounted for when we returned. Nothing was obviously amiss. This morning, however, I noticed a few things. The dogs have always enjoyed digging holes in the backyard. It is characteristic of Great Pyrenees (and puppies!) to dig. Usually the holes are in the middle of the yard. We assume the are looking for grubs (when we had their poop tested for worms when they were babies, the vet told us it was full of bug parts - they really enjoy eating bugs!!). Two new holes appeared over the weekend and this time they were right next to the fence. Good thing the dogs are so big it would take them weeks to dig themselves under the fence!

I also noticed that most of the straw was missing from the goats hay feeder. My initial reaction was "Wow, those goats must have been hungry while we were gone!" Then, after giving the girls a treat this morning (I'm getting really bad about spoiling them...) I went back in inside and upstairs. When I glanced outside, Bea was sitting in the hay feeder! I'm still not entirely sure how she got in there but it must be a soft dry place for her to enjoy her treats.

The cats continue to become more comfortable with their new lives here. They have started spending the night outside. And we found another dead mouse! Never thought I'd be so excited about that...

Some of you may wonder about Arthur, as I haven't mentioned him very much in the blog. Arthur is doing very well and enjoys his life as the only real inside animal. As he doesn't realize he is a dog, he is just fine spending his days napping on the couch and cuddling. Arthur's life is good!

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